surviving catastrophe

What Is Your PlanAfter the successful recovery of my computer, on the East Coast we were faced with a potential hurricane strike.  Since it’s a presidential election year, I thought most anything would be a better post than something that is tugging you one way or the other!  But, in honesty, this post should pull you one way – towards some plan to recover what you deem valuable / irreplaceable.

Planning for a disaster takes just a bit of thinking.  It also takes some action to prepare.  Lastly, you need to execute the plan.  Truly, it’s that simple.  If you think your computer could crash(and, this is entirely possible no matter what computer or device you have because hardware fails), perhaps you could benefit from a bit of planning / preparation / execution.  You would plan to back up your important files.  Ideally, you would back them up on some storage that could be kept away from your residence in the event … say, a hurricane blew through.

While that sounds odd, it is true.  There are entire services built on backing up your important items on your computer offsite (like, or dropbox).  There are pluses and minuses with these services, just like any other solution you can review.  Where are your files?  Who else can access them?  The bottom line is, the important files you write up to these services are there and you should be able to get them back!  Perhaps that would not be possible if your computer was destroyed in the hurricane along with your backup CD’s/DVD’s/External Hard Drive.

However, the first step is thinking.  Don’t think a disaster won’t hit you – at some point it will (even if it is just a computer crash).  So get to thinking what you will do!

Next step is planning for a catastrophe.  Perhaps you purchase some backup means for your computer.  Great – now you need to figure out what to backup.  You are now putting your thoughts into action.  You are making decisions and doing tasks to ensure you have backed up and secured important stuff.  For our personal storm preparation around the house (for the hurricane) we do simple things that protect our home and our neighbors homes – we secure all the loose things in our yard.  Why?  So it doesn’t become missiles!

Lastly comes execution.  This is something that is done before the disaster so that we can recover from the disaster.  That means to backup your files.  Then check to make sure you can access those files.

The best plan in the world is of no use if it is never executed when needed.  Hard to believe?  Try this experiment.  If you are like me, I need a list to take with me when it is time to grocery shop (I wish it worked like that for the home improvement stores…).  So make your list, compile it as the week / weeks go on.  Add items you are running short on, make sure you have everything on it.  Next, forget the list and just go to the store.  Check to see how well you did with purchasing all the items that were on the forgotten list.  How did you do?  If I am any indication, you may have experienced an epic fail.

All those words to encourage you to plan to recover / survive failure.  You can plan before the storm and have a good chance of success.  Of course, you can plan after the storm, but your potential for success has plummeted.  It’s your choice!