iGoogle is going awayIt seems like a long time ago that Google announced they would be shutting down their iGoogle option.  What is that?  Well, it was a great way for me to put information via RSS feeds into tabs that I set up – it allowed me to see important information to me!  It was announced in July of 2012 that the would take place in November of 2013 – so there was plenty of time to figure out where I needed to migrate to.

But it got me thinking – why should I wait?  The fact of the matter was the users of iGoogle knew a good thing when they found it, and they used it.  So there was no surprise that users were less than pleased with this decision by Google.  And the truth was, there were not many alternatives that let you do exactly what iGoogle let you do.  Or – do it as well as iGoogle did it.

So within a week of learning about the announcement I started to hunt for what I was going to switch to.  I was not super pleased about having to change what I was comfortable with, but there are a number of reasons a company can change, and I need to be flexible with a free service – I had gained everything and lost nothing!

The first article I read on alternatives as Three Alternatives to Your iGoogle Home Page on PC World by Rick Broida.  I found my answer in that post, however Rick kept getting feedback and posted Two More Alternatives to Your iGoogle Home Page as an update.  Then, he posts again in October an article titled igHome gives displaced iGoogle users a familiar home.  Each of these are a starting point for those of us wanting to replace a home page we had come to know and love.

Which one did the trick for me?  For me it was NetVibes.  It is a bit more powerful than iGoogle, and somewhat less configurable in some areas (you depend on feeds crafted by others).  And there are some ways that NetVibes just rocks over the old page (when doing a bit of mining and analytic work).

So – why write this?  Just to say whatever it is that you have come to cherish and rely on as tried and true or trusted – be aware it can and will change at some point as technology moves forward.  Be on the lookout for new trends and creative ways to do the things you want to do with your machine / laptop / tablet / smart phone.  The ways that worked well in the past just may go away as we move to something more useful.

Oh, just wondering – when was the last time you looked in the white or yellow pages for a phone number?  What about look at a paper map to plot directions?  Things keep moving forward – are you staying stagnant?


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