Help YourselfLooking back at the 4+ years I have been posting on this blog has been rewarding.  I think there are times where others have been helped (at least that has been word on the street…).  I can see the searches performed and know of the information that was reviewed to some extent by folks – and I’m humbled / gratified that some have taken the advice I muse about.

For some, the advice has gotten them out of a jam (malware, spills on computers, computer maintenance, even ethical dilemmas).  Others have been able to do things for themselves and not need to depend on others.  Still others have rescued email and transitioned to other ways of communicating (like social networks).

It’s great to be able to help others!  I pray that those who have been helped pass on the knowledge and effort so the gift keeps on giving.

What about helping yourself?  Here is where I want to mash up a couple of things.  These are things you should help yourself to – take the medicine even if you don’t like the taste!

  • Backup – take time to organize yourself for future problems by backing up your data/files.  Whatever it is that was important enough for you to create and keep (pictures, documents, graphics, emails, music, videos, or whatever else that is…) make sure you back it up.
  • Do Maintenance – I still have not figured out why there is such resistance in this chore.  Yes, it takes time, and it can be a pain, but the payback is using your precious device longer and better (performance).  Take the time to clean up those temp files, update and run your anti-virus/malware programs, and ensure you have the latest patches / hotfixes / updates installed for your operating system and software!
  • Clean It – here I’m talking about physical maintenance.  Clean your screen, use canned air to blow out your ventilation areas and keyboard of your equipment.  Keep it clean!
  • Be Skeptical – just because Aunt Suzie sent you something doesn’t mean you have to click on the link or open the file.  That tweet from a friend should not compel you to click on the link it contained.  That post or tagged photo – yes, the same applies there as well.  Crafty folks are working hard to get you to click on things, don’t rush into that trap!

Those of you that have been reading my posts for a while already know that you will find links to each of the areas I have addressed above in this blog.  And – know I thank you for your time and encouragement to continue to write!  Feel free to comment, until next time… Happy Fall!


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