It finally happened.  Now, for those of you reading, this has been something I’ve put off.  When I say put off, I mean I have put this off for years.  Way back when free e-mail was in its infancy, I got a free Juno account.  I liked it so much, I paid for the service.  Years go by, I switch to broadband, I change my service with Juno (don’t need dial up access much anymore, except with my air card) but keep the account.

I guess it is like anything else – you grow use to the program and can work well within the confines of it.  The program changed, and up until May of this year I was using version 5 of the Juno client.  I mean, I’d been using Juno since 1998, why switch now (please, attempt to stifle the gasps you just had)?  But early in May I got a notification a newer version was available, and I downloaded/installed Juno 8.x – and it wasn’t so bad.  Until yesterday morning, that is.

I’ve seen the ‘Juno is examining your mailbox’ message and the program has placed various items in the recovered folder.  But yesterday it ‘recovered’ everything – over 10 years worth of messages I had in various folders, and lined up all those messages by date and placed them into the recovered folder.  Basically – it wiped out years of my filing system.  I was not a happy camper.

Before you find yourself in this predicament, you may want to consider another mail client.  I still like Juno, I still use Juno – but I can’t use the Juno client anymore.  I needed to recover my data and get stood up again, pronto!  So I write this to let you in on the steps taken – and to get you to think of what you may need to do for your future needs.  Juno is a proprietary software, and by that I mean there is no true ‘export’ tool for addresses (contacts) or mail – it was all in the program and it is what it is!

First Step – Where’s My Backup?

Since I had only recently upgraded the program I needed to find a way to get to the latest breakdown of my files and folders.  I didn’t have much luck in the v8.x area finding tools, but I did find just what the doctor ordered for v5.x – juno5bdb.  I pointed that to my last backup of the Juno 5.x data I had, and then had my data.  If you were wondering, I needed to pick a mail client as well.  I’ve used Outlook for many years, but am a huge Firefox / Mozilla fan, so I went with Thunderbird and like it so far.  So I used the juno5bdb2netscape.bat method described to generate files with no extension which would then be copied to the Mozilla mail directory.

Next Step – Install Mail Client

Since I chose Thunderbird, the install was painless.  The client looked good, and the help files are wonderful as well.  The files generated from the first step were then copied / pasted into the area needed for review in Thunderbird on my hard drive (Local Folders – very similar to Outlook’s profile and .pst handling of mail).  I reopened Thunderbird and there was my folder structure with all the mail that I had in there – my filing system was back!

Get Mail Working

This one wasn’t the hardest to do either.  In fact, by reviewing the information listed below, I had incoming mail in no time via POP3.  But I did struggle with outgoing mail.  I set up the client using settings found at but that wasn’t the answer (would never send mail).  The clue was found in this post – needed to change the SMTP port to 587.  Bingo – Houston, we have outgoing mail!  (Note – I am a Juno MegaMail customer – this is a must to send mail via a third-party mail program.)

What About My Contacts?

As stated earlier, in Juno you can’t just export much of anything in bulk.  This is where I found Dawn.  As stated on their website:

Dawn will convert your address book from one program’s format to another. If you have ever wanted to switch E-Mail programs or even simply use that WordPerfect address book in Outlook Express you have no doubt been put off by being forced to retype every single address by hand. Well, retype no more. A complete conversion is just a few clicks away.

Dawn did the trick – followed the wizard and had my addresses out of Juno and into Thunderbird with no problems.

The Final Clean Up

The last thing I needed to do was to go through mail that was ‘recovered’ in the old Juno program and send them to me, but in Thunderbird.  And now…I’m totally recovered and – as far as I can tell – not missing any data.  A testimony to backing up your data regularly and finding some neat tools to help me switch from a proprietary program to a more robust mail situation!

I hope this post helps someone who may be thinking of switching to another mail client.  I won’t say it was pain-free, but you can glean from my experience and pull this off yourself.  When looking at 10,000 mails with no filing system, I was a bit downcast.  But taking the steps listed above, I was up and running pretty quick – and my filing system was back in place.  Take care, and thanks for reading!

*****UPDATE***** added 1/18/10

I just installed the latest release of Thunderbird, and – while I could receive mail, I couldn’t send it!  If you run into this, here is the ‘fix’ that worked for me.

Once you are in Thunderbird, navigate to Tools | Account Settings, then select Outgoing Server (SMTP) settings.  You then need to select the outgoing Juno account you have set up and then Edit.  Once you are there, you need to uncheck ‘use secure authentication’.  Then click your way back out (select OK, then select OK again) and send your mail!


8 Responses to Switching from Juno (e-mail programs)

  • Dirk says:

    Your post WebDunnRight Design & Troubleshooting » Blog Archive » Switching from Juno (e-mail programs) was very interesting when I found it over google on Monday by my search for juno mail. I have your blog now in my bookmarks and I visit your blog again, soon. Take care.

  • David Nixon says:

    Your article was most interesting. It has opened my eyes to note there will be a parting of the ways. But I have, like you , had Juno for 10 years and I LOVE the format. I have email with 12 different clients and juno is still my fav. But I have files from years of mail in 5.0 and have 8 months of mail stuck in which will not open files nor print any pages. I have a tech support question in the mill so we will see if they really care to keep their people. Juno is the only one I have to pay for but it is still my comfort zone. I intend to explore the thunderbird one as you have.

  • Van Dusen says:

    OK, When I read your blog/post I was mad all over again, I too have had Juno for many years, since1999, and when I read your post It opened up an old wound. The very same thing happened to me and I was frustrated to say the least. I have many mail clients and like David my favorite has been Juno. Although I still sometimes wish they would not change their format I realize time continues to roll forward and I guess I will have to roll with the punches and changes and if I “cant handle the heat”, I guess I will have to “get out of the kitchen” as my great grandmother used to say. The latest update really has me thinking if its time to quit paying Juno for service and move on.

  • Gerald Bales says:

    Like Van Dusen , I think that Juno is trying to get rid of their customers ! You can barely read the Tabs on the left side of the Juno Version 8,8,1 widow, also since I have used Juno since about 1978 , it is a REAL BLOW to me that Juno has decided to go this route , I have collected the USER0000 files on a Flash Drive which there is about 20 of them , a lot I didn’t collect in the beginning so that I could put them back at any time and look for Mail that was full of goodies , Now Juno has filled the USER0000 with Some kind of Chines scriblings and there seems to be no way to move the old USER files back and forth to look at them .
    So I’m on the move , looking for greener pastures . I hope every last Juno member will do the same , cause I aint gonna take it sittin down !
    Later. . . . Jerry .

  • Chuck says:

    Trying to help a friend make the transition to Thunderbird. With Juno 8 I can not find the address book or the existing message files. Anyone know where the heck these are. If I could open them I could probably figure out a way to convert them to Thunderbird. Seems that this is easy with Juno 4. Calling Juno is no help at all.

    **** Note from Bryan ****
    You may want to search google for ‘juno 8 file location’ or other words. One post I read states.

    Juno 8 puts the data files in an entirely different location, probably to be compatible with the Windows Vista/7 approach which tries to “lock down” the Program Files directory. You’ll find them in \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Juno\Isp\OER\USER0000. Under Windows Vista/7, I think the top directory is “Users”.

  • junkbar says:

    Anyone have copy of Juno5bdb.exe? The site hosting it is down :(

  • Cameron says:

    Wow Chuck/Bryan, thanks a ton; Been in the process of moving my grandmother off of Juno and couldn’t figure out why I was only getting emails from pre-2010 (presumably when she upgraded to Juno v8)

  • Lori says:

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to recover/retrieve old email from an old juno account?

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