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WebDunnRight is dedicated to creating and placing your presence on the web. From coding the site, promoting the site, to publishing virtual tours of your business - the future is here today and you will need to have a place where you can spotlight your product, service, or talent on the internet. The real question is -- how can I get there? With WebDunnRight you have found the answer!

There are many different options available to you when you desire to place your site on the internet. Some of the questions you need to ask yourself are; For your benefit, I would like to answer these questions about WebDunnRight so that you can see why our service should be the one you choose!

Who is my audience?
Businesses or individuals who have a web site currently but are trapped by a lack of knowledge or time for maintaining or moving their site from their current host service. Perhaps you paid good money to have a site designed and currently pay more than you should for hosting and pay more for updating pages on the site. We can help! Our services include retooling of sites so they can be moved to another hosting service at a lower cost and assistance in updating the site with an eye toward helping you learn to do this yourself!

We also construct sites for our customers who do not have any presence on the internet. We consult with you, learn your needs, layout a site plan, and then get you through all the hurdles -- from posting it, paying for it, and getting it listed on search engines.

One thing you will like about us is our dedication to giving you the freedom to control your internet presence by our willingness to show you how to do these things yourself! Our goal with you will be freedom to run your web site by yourself! We do not see this as cutting our own throats (figuratively speaking...), instead, this builds lasting relationships, trust, and true partnerships with our customers as they spread the word about this great opportunity to control their own internet portion of their business.

What type of page layout (design) do I want?
While many page designs are available, we encourage you to let us know which ones are appealing to you. Not necessarily the aesthetics of the site, but the navigation of the site. If your customers can't get to what you offer, your customer will find your competition. We aim for consistency in delivery of your image on the internet and will design your site so others can get to your product / service with ease!

How much should I budget?
Many customers don't have much budget for an internet presence. Many factors are weighed here including hosting costs, domain name registration costs, design and construction costs. The beauty of having your own internet presence is that you don't need to start out with the biggest and best of the internet! You can change and grow your presence as you see the need. We can help in all budget situations so contact us today!

Do I want my own address? (requires hosting)
We do not host any web sites since there are a legion of companies that do this quite well. There are new domains just coming available (like,, and many more...) that can be secured, and this may make sense for your product or service. We can help you find out what is available, find it for a good price, and will assist you with a hosting service that will meet your needs as well. We can also assist in finding you free hosting, with the catch being advertising that is placed on your site (outside of your control).

What product / service will I highlight?
For WebDunnRight it is the freedom of directing your own site. While others can design and deploy a site to your liking, you may find it hard to get off of their hook - either monthly maintenance fees, hosting fees, or update fees. We can design this for you as well (if you want the freedom of never messing with your own site) but find there are very few who empower their customers by assisting them with doing their own updates to their own site (now that's freedom). We want you off the apron strings! And we'll help you get there -- that's the difference!

What benefits do my customers get from my product / service over my competitors?
Our customers get to learn how to run their own site. Many promise themselves to have a web presence (they know that the future is now and this will not only enhance but will grow their business...) but don't have the time to learn how to do it (and do it right). After all, they have a business to run! Let us build it for you, get it up on the internet, get it listed on the search engines, then all you need to do is learn enough to maintain / update it! It's yours forever and you now have the freedom to run your web presence! That is the benefit of WebDunnRight!

When do I 'own' the web site? (for updates, etc.)
As soon as you wish! We are willing to work with you in doing updates and will be pleased to assist you by ensuring your work is good and the site displays the way it should until you never have to ask again! Just because you 'own' the site doesn't mean you won't have questions -- just ask them and we'll be there to help.

Are you ready to grab your piece of the World Wide Web? Then do it right with WebDunnRight!

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